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Buy Now. Pay Later.

DeFi eCommerce & Payment solution for Shoppers, Merchants & Web3 businesses.

$ATPAY Token is now listed

$ATPAY Token
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The Future of Payments

@Pay is a DEFI (Decentralized Finance) protocol that is the first BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) platform built integrating blockchain technology with its own cryptocurrency.


Online & Instore

Once approved, users can shop with our growing network of approved brands and merchants worldwide.


in Four

Using our BNPL solution, users are able to repay transactions in four equal installments over three months.


Crypto Rewards

For every successfully repaid transaction, users earn @Pay Tokens as a reward and unlock new shopping limits.

Our Partners

Shop today,
pay your way.

Repayments can be made with direct debit and debit cards connected to their account. Users can also repay with approved cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

Repay in Four with

Debit Card

Direct Debit

Approved Cryptocurrencies

Approved Stable Coin (FIAT)

Shop & Earn Rewards

Users are rewarded for successfully repaying their transactions on time. Users will receive @Pay Tokens to their fully-integrated @Pay Wallet that can be sold or used to Stake into our protocol.

Fully Integrated
Crypto Wallet

@Pay will also allow users to pay for their shopping with any approved cryptocurrency that they hold in their @Pay wallet. All contributors to the ecosystem can benefit and be rewarded.

Wallet Features

@Pay Token Staking

Deposit & Withdraw

Approved Stable Coin Staking

@Pay Token Functionality

Fund your Future-self

Users are able to stake their @Pay Tokens or our approved stable coins for a period of time to earn rewards and yield bonus.


Stake your @Pay Token or our approved range of stable coins.

Complete Staking Term

Users select their staking term and hold their stake for a period of time to earn a higher yield bonus return.

@Pay Token Rewards

After every successful stake, users are rewarded with @Pay Tokens as a farming bonus.

Innovative Technology

@Pay uses blockchains and smart contracts to extract process efficiencies and participant rewards.

Decentralized Finance

@Pay has designed a governance framework that allows @Pay Token holders to have a voice in initiatives that shape how @Pay evolves - creating diversified funding sources, providing benefits to contributors of all sizes.


Buy Now Pay Later

@Pay is the first BNPL payment protocol that provides new ways to buy/sell for shoppers and merchants.

Integrated Wallet

@Pay has built a fully-integrated cryptocurrency wallet that users and merchants can use to buy, sell, stake, and earn rewards.

@Pay Token Rewards

Customers and merchants have the ability to earn @Pay Token rewards for buying/selling using the @Pay payment protocol. These rewards can be used to earn higher yield bonuses that help grow the platform and portfolios.

Secondary Features

$0 Late Fees

Unlike other BNPL solutions, @Pay has no late fees and will never charge customers for missing a payment.

0% Interest

We offer an interest-free BNPL solution for all of our customers who use @Pay, no matter the purchase amount.

Limit Increase

Pay for products and services using either traditional currencies or approved cryptocurrencies.